Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blackberries Galore!

I should have taken a picture but they're now baked into crisp or in the freezer awaiting processing for blackberry wine (!). We went out yesterday and picked five pounds, which, granted, is not a TON, but for me picking by myself with Aftasie toddling along half of the time, it's not too bad :) We also found a great area to pick, thanks to a friend who suggested to pick by the train tracks. I was afraid of picking there with Aftasie, because it's right next to where the train would come through, so we wandered a bit and found some perfect, loaded patches.

I'm finding it hard to blog because there's something else on my mind that I don't know if I want to get into. I have my own faults, don't get me wrong. Maybe I should just leave it at that :) Misconceptions abound in the world, don't they? Hopefully I'll figure out more things that I have as misconceptions as I go along. It does make my blood boil. But heck! It's OK. Someone else can have a different understanding of something, or even be prejudiced, and I can't really say much that will change their mind and that's OK. Just leave them alone.  OK :)

In 5 days I'm going to pass the CLEP test for Human Growth and Development! This is a class that was on the docket for the year Aftasie was born, but I said I was going to CLEP it. So I studied a little, took it, and missed by one point! George Fox has a passing grade that is 15% higher than most other schools. So technically I passed very well, high above the passing mark, except that GFU has the grade set a little higher. So, 6 months later, I took the test again, and got the exact same score!!! This time I'm going to get one point higher, a PASSING GRADE, OK? I feel a lot more confident about the material, although I'm extremely irritated at having to study it a third time. I can't wait till I can just flush all of this trivial info down the drain (I'm not a fan of the "science" of psychology, and honestly, 99% is a bunch of BS, and it's not fair to even call it science). (Tell me I'm wrong when every page contradicts itself, and makes statements like "Science discovered babies feel pain." Stupidheads.) Part of the problem with passing may be, indeed, do they want me to answer according to Piaget? To his critics? To Vygotsky? It's really ridiculous to call it a science, they should call it a religion, IMHO. (Yes, I'm SOOO humble. And I'm also not full of my own prejudices!). If you're a psychologist I can be friendly, though :) I think people who want to be psychologists to help people probably have become able to help people despite the theories of their religion, not because of them. But anyway, enough of my opinion. And good luck to me on passing and feeling a little less irritated at psychology.

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