Saturday, June 29, 2013

"The Amazon Pool," or "It's a Small World"

If you are in Eugene (and have children!), you should visit the Amazon pool! It is huge -- much bigger than I had imagined. I've walked by in the past but I am not one for "playing" in the pool alone, and I prefer to swim laps if I'm just by myself at the pool. But anyway, it has four separate pools, some fountains, two water slides (Aftasie and I rode one! She loved it) and a kiddie area that's only 1' deep.

Aftasie and I went yesterday, since the sun finally came out and it was warm enough to go. She almost jumped into the pool in front of me and I had to run to stop her from drowning. Then when we went into the "gradient" side of the pool where it gets progressively deeper, she just ran in till she was over her head, and that incident did not stop her from continuing to walk in that direction, and she had the most fun bobbing up and down where it was high enough to come to her chin. Brave girl!

After we were there for a few hours, I looked over to the kiddie pool that we hadn't really been in yet and there was a woman sitting there with two children who looked familiar. I went over -- "Is it Elizabeth?" Sure enough, it was Elizabeth and her two boys from Mildly Amusing Musings, which I follow! To be fair, her husband is from Eugene, and I knew that, but she lives in Seattle now and I would have never imagined I'd just run into her while we were both on trips to Eugene! It was so fun to meet someone you know online randomly in person and we had some good conversation, while I wasn't running after Aftasie who kept trying to go in over her head. (Got to teach that girl how to swim, pronto!).

It's a small world, eh? :)

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  1. It was so great to see you there and I really enjoyed getting to know you better :D