Friday, September 5, 2014

5 Weeks In

One more week of class to go and then the rest of my internship is just regular shifts with my preceptor. I am really loving my job! It is super busy sometimes, but it's the kind of stuff that I thrive on. I love getting things done and being productive in measurable ways.  I also like the fact that pretty much every day I encounter something new. Also, there are four levels of ICU nurses at this hospital, and I will always have room to learn new things.

So let me think -- 5 weeks in, 11 to go. I can't believe it's that SHORT a time to go but I also have learned tons in the last 5 weeks.

The family is adjusting pretty well. The neighbor (who is pretty close to our open windows) said she thought the baby must be settling in better and I know she means she hears less squealing! Some days it's tough, of course, both for me and the family, but it's working out. Today is the first day in a 5 day weekend, which happens semi-regularly since I work 12 hour shifts. Working days I leave the house at 6am or so and return usually by 8pm. I've been biking ~6.5 miles there and back. There are showers and scrubs available at the hospital so I try to just roll out of bed (after the last nursing session, which I set the alarm a little early for!) and get on my bike and shower and get dressed there. I always buy a cup of coffee. Always. It's the thing I think about as I wake up, and then multiple times while I'm on my bike. It's a necessary indulgence. NECESSARY!! I don't know if it really wakes me up that much but it makes me feel like I've made up for having to get up so early.

Why I bike:

  •  It takes me 20 minutes by car anyway and it only takes me about 35-40 to bike
  • It leaves the car at home for the fam, which since I'm gone 14 hours is a really good thing for them! 
  • it uses less gas for commuting
  • I get exercise in on my work days and don't have to go running or biking at separate times

Today I bought a used bike trailer for $40 that is in pretty decent condition. We took it to the park immediately. I think I'm going to just make a list of places we take it and try to figure out how long it's paid for just from gas I'm saving. There are lots of parks (and the library) that are just a bit far to walk to with Tass on foot and the trailer seems like the perfect solution for me. Porter has plans for an even more useful bike-transporting device but it'll take us a while to save for it and then he'll have his kid transporter that's set up for him and I'll have my own bike I can use. We can even bike together, then! 

It seems like forever since I've written. Even my writing voice sounds different to me as I read it back. Sentences aren't quite coming out as I intend. I really feel I am changing in a multitude of ways. I have always felt somewhat childish. Even in a group of adults I felt like I was pretending. But gosh, I have done CHEST COMPRESSIONS on people and I give people drugs they would never ever take at home, and if you collapsed on the floor in front of me I'd know what to do. I went out to grab some food after work, before meeting up with the family for something at church and I was looking around at all of the people around me. I thought "Someone here is going to collapse eventually, which will it be? Who will be hospitalized? Who will have a sudden stroke? Heart attack?" It's going to happen to someone, sooner or later. The good thing is that whereas before I was so nervous about doing CPR or anything like that, even with training, I now feel confident I would perform satisfactorily. Also, while I was at work Porter was near a location "in the field," so-to-speak, in which birth was imminent. I don't know how close the woman was, but it sounded like things were moving. Isn't that exciting? But anyway, to make a long story short I feel as though I'm in more of an adult phase of life. Not totally adult. But close.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


It's nearing 11 and I'm completely exhausted. Today was my third day of working this week. The ICU is a very interesting place. Very. I'm still surprised at my having landed there. It seems as though the ICU seems very far away and out of reach in school. I remember no one seemed to think they'd land an ICU position except maybe those who were doing clinicals there. I'm very lucky!!

I rode my bike home from class (8 hours of it on Wednesdays), and then to and from my 12-hour shift yesterday. I drove today. It's about 6 miles and it was so hard to face getting up early enough to bike or take the bus. The route that takes the longest is the bus. It takes about 45 minutes. Biking is next, about 40 minutes. And the car, of course, is fastest. It takes about 15 minutes to get there. I've never encountered traffic. I think I could get a lot faster at the biking. It still is taxing. I think I will stick with a mix of bussing, biking, and driving. It's long, but relatively easy (and free, as a hospital employee) to take the bus, it's good exercise, but tiring, to take the bike, and if I take the car the family doesn't have a car for almost 14 hours.

We have the fans running because it got quite warm today and it's cool this evening and all I can hear are the ICU alarms going off repeatedly. It's as though the overtones of the fan match the alarms. It is getting to be quite a pain, however, because it is like a ringing in my ears. I don't know how, but they even seem to beep like the alarms, even though the fans are going at the same speed. And it bugs me because they're alarms!! The alarms I speak of are not necessarily for emergencies, but they could indicate a problem and definitely need quick attention.

This happened last night, too, and pretty much every night I've come home from work to the fans running.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Graduated, Moved, now on to Job!

I tried to blog the other day but was interrupted by something (or someone!!) and couldn't finish.

Basically, though, I have gotten an internship in the ICU in Eugene and we moved down here in about two weeks time! We've been here for about three weeks now, so it's a little less crazy, but things have been very crazy. There is lots to do with children in Eugene but we miss our small town! Our grocery checkers knew us by name, would comment on the kids, and the librarians were actually sad that we were moving away.

 I was just interrupted again, so this is how I'm blogging now (Aftasie insisted I sit in front of her, "on [her] lap.") And yes, I'm still sippin' on my coffee (rewarmed the second time) and not dressed yet.

Sooo....very exciting, this internship coming up! I'm nervous, naturally, but it's going to be GREAT. I've always enjoyed going back to the school in the fall and I feel as though it'll be good to have a challenge. Not that being home with the kids is not a huge challenge! Porter has been doing computer work from home, so we see him at lunch and after work, which sometimes stretches into the evening.

When I got to a gathering at a friend's house here my friend said "Look, Bonnie's all grown up!" I can't believe how things have changed since I lived here 4 years ago. I was skinny, kid-less, doing housekeeping for a living, pretty spoiled (not that all people without kids are spoiled, but I thought I was "busy" and basically did nothing and complained about it all of the time!!). Now I have two kids, a college degree, a career on the horizon (actually make that smack dab in front of my face, since I start in less than two weeks), and I'm four years older. And hopefully a little wiser, though that remains to be seen.

One last picture, since this is what I was doing before I sat down to blog (blanket train -- we have wood floors and linoleum now!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Long Time No See!

Sheesh, it's been a LONG time!!

Sorry readers :( I have been super busy, but not busy enough to justify no updates at all. We don't have internet at home anymore and that complicates things a little. However, I am still alive and kicking, as they say, and I'm almost done with nursing school.

I think I've even had a baby since I last posted! We had Omilie Ella Jean Doran on November 10th of 2013. She's already 5 months old. Aftasie will be 3 in June.

 I graduate on May 3rd, in a few weeks! It's crazy knowing all of this will be over soon. For an example of how busy I've been, last week I did 45 hours of clinicals/commute in 64 hours. I am on the Neuro-Trauma floor in Salem. It's not always quite that busy, but my workload is considerable right now. The end of four years is in sight!! The last few nights of school I have a pinning ceremony, which is a welcome-to-the-nursing-profession ceremony, then a dinner for alumni (which I almost am!) and then graduation. It's going to be such a relief to be done.

Porter is our homemaker right now, which I am so grateful for. There is nothing like coming home to dinner he's cooked, or knowing he's getting the girls to bed when I'm not at home.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

4(ish) weeks to go!

36 weeks yesterday! The most remarkable thing about this pregnancy so far is how easy it’s been, even compared to my pregnancy with Aftasie. I haven’t had any carpal tunnel, minimal hip pain while sleeping (although it’s a little worse during the day, I think), and I just feel good. My feet haven’t swollen yet, either, although some of my shoes seem kind of snug. It’s getting a wee bit harder to sleep but it’s not from any particular discomforts, I just can’t seem to settle down. I’m getting practice contractions here and there but if anything, they’ve lessened, and they aren’t as intense as they have been in the past few months. I can also hold a full bladder of pee! :D

I’m sure I can be plenty uncomfortable in the next 4 weeks but I’m just grateful for what I have right now. I am looking forward to doing full yawns instead of this uncomfortable, gasping type of yawn (I just can’t get the air in!).

I’m trying to figure out how to make a cheesecake that will be ready to eat after the baby comes! I think it would be good for about a week in the fridge, but I don’t want to wait too late, either. Maybe I’ll just have the ingredients on hand and start on it when I think I might be in labor. Haha. I don’t know if that’s going to work. I can imagine myself not able to finish it. I need to print out detailed instructions so someone else can finish it while I deliver the baby :P

The midwife brought the birth pool and some of her bags yesterday to leave with us. Super exciting. I’m actually hoping the baby will be late, because it would work better with school, but who knows!

School – eh, school is fine. Lots of busy work. I think I prefer lecture, test, lecture, test. It’s mostly smaller assignments, presentations, papers etc. Plus tests. But mostly easier ones.  Kind of annoying. We are now 8 weeks into the semester so I’m finishing up my public health rotation at hospice and will be starting a 7 week rotation in maternity next week. And after that comes winter break! Next semester I have an 8 week rotation in mental health and then an 8 week rotation at the hospital doing a preceptorship, which as far as I understand involves working more or less independently undert the supervision and guidance of a nurse. I have 1.5 semesters left before I’m done! Pretty exciting. I’ll be relieved once I get past maternity and actually get all of my hours in for that class. I’m pretty sure we have 135 hours of clinicals due in each class, which works out to be about 16-20 hours each week. There are various things other than being on site that count as hours, such as lab, extra classes, etc.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

All Through the House...Was Quiet

Porter surprised me this morning with the sink full of dishes that I left last night washed and by taking Aftasie out for a long walk/adventure!! I don't quite know what to do with myself, but I finished the Harper's article on Algebra II and am halfway through my HOT cup of coffee (it's still hot!!) :D

I was going to blog about cleaning the house the other day but didn't have time, but now that seems so boring and mundane. It was just some blather about two periods of house-state: you have the clean and the dirty. Dirty is inevitable, even if only for moments, because you live in the house and make a mess. Clean is what you want. You try to make it easier to make it clean, but you still have to deal with dirty. No matter how good my maintenance PLAN, I still get behind in the dishes sometimes and I have to deal with that. Now if my maintenance was actually perfect, I'd never have to worry, but no one is perfect 100% of the time on everything.

So on the one hand, I want to make it easier to get the dishes done and try to maintain them, but I also have to face the fact that sometimes there is nothing to do but just do the mountain of dishes.

So depressing, eh? :) I guess practice of maintenance will make better.

Thursday, August 1, 2013


One thing that's usually missing around here is pictures. And when I go back in my archives and notice a post with pictures, I enjoy it so much :) I enjoy the pictures of Aftasie the most, but here's one of me that I'm sure I will appreciate later because it's a preggo pic!

24 weeks this week. 6 months! And really, if I wear baggy tops, no one knows I'm pregnant. I've had so many surprised "Really!? How far along are you?" reactions :P